We would like to welcome you to Michelle Ferraro’s Dance USA, one of the most prestigious dance studios on Long Island. Our dance studio has been established since 1993. We have devoted ourselves to building a studio of excellence and dedication to dance education, in a fun and loving atmosphere. We have a wonderful staff that is dedicated to giving each and every student the personal attention that they deserve. In order to achieve this, we limit class size so that all of our students are able to really get thorough training, not only in dance steps but dance terminology as well. We have class viewing the first week of every month and we encourage parents to watch their children’s development throughout the year. Our dance studio is beautiful and spacious. We have five dance rooms with specially designed floors that inhibit injury. We have a girls locker room and bathrooms in every dance room for convenience. Dance USA offers classes in all areas of dance to students ranging from 2 years of age through adults.

We follow the school year, so your tuition is based on a 10 month year. All tuition is due by the 1st of the month. We are on an automatic pay system and do require a credit card on file for this purpose. Cards are charged 1st of each month for tuition if card is declined it will be charged again on the 10th of the month if it is declined at that point there will be a $15 late fee added to the account.We accept cash, checks, & credit cards ( visa, MasterCard, or discover). You can make payments prior to due dates by check, cash, or another credit card other then the one that is on file at the studio. You can also access your account through this website at drop down for registrations and put in your email that is on file with us and view you account/make payments anytime. When credit card declines on the 1st of the month an automatic email is sent to you so you are aware of the situation and have till the 10th to rectify, for this reason we DO NOT remove any late fees.

At registration we require that your first and last months tuition be paid along with the registration fee. The registration fee is due once a year and is NON-REFUNDABLE. If for some reason you discontinue class, your last months tuition is refundable as long as you have no other balances at the studio before January 1st. No refunds or credit will be given for missed classes. No refunds after January 1st. A credit will only be given if the student has a prolonged illness or injured with a doctors note.

Make up classes are a courtesy of the studio. If for some reason a student is absent from class, they need to ask THE TEACHER which class they can make up in. You are still responsible for your regular monthly tuition whether the student makes up the class or not. WE DO NOT issue
credit for classes that are not made up. After February, we do not offer make up classes because classes start working on their recital routines. If the studio closes for inclement weather, it will be on our answering machine, or website.

We have monthly newsletters on the website and they are also emailed to let you know any information from the studio.The newsletters are posted in the lobby of the dance studio as well.  It is very informative and alleviates a lot of questions.

We offer all of our students the chance to participate in our annual dance recital in June (with the exception of our Tiny Tot students). Tiny tots recital have their recital at the studio. For the rest of the students, our recital will be held at a local High School. Participating in the recital is not mandatory, but we encourage all of our students to show off what they learned all year.

Any student that participates in the annual recital will be required to purchase a recital costume for their class. A $50 costume deposit is required and will be charged to the credit card on file October 15th or your costume WILL NOT be ordered. We measure students starting in October, during class. All costumes are NON REFUNDABLE. Costume companies do not allow us to cancel orders, so once you pay the deposit, you are responsible for any balances, if there is a costume balance that will be charged to credit card on file once the costumes are in. Costumes will not be handed out unless the full balance is paid.